ATZUR is a duo consisting of the Spanish frontwoman Patricia (lead vocals, piano and synthesizer) and the Austrian-Iranian Paul (drums and backing vocals). 

The Vienna-based international duo was founded in winter 2018. ATZUR is the lovechild of Florence + The Machine and Twenty One Pilots. Their music lives in two worlds: one raw, immediate, punk and one dreamy, abstract and pop. Rousing and hypnotic.

With its amazingly changeable indie-pop and great gesture, the Vienna duo always occupies new genres. Even the sometimes mellow piano still blows up thanks to the tenacious drums and a dramatic melody line for a big performance. With a minimalist setup, creating an extraordinary universe.

"The music of Atzur is as graceful as a mythical dialog between the sun and the moon, often focusing on the biggest and most boundless of emotions. At the same time, this is sound that gets so up close and personal that a listener can become one with it."  MORE// REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL

"Running is like the soundtrack of a lucid dream, an introspective immersion in one’s own soul and a wake-up call from the lethargy of complacency."  MORE// AUSTRIAN MUSIC EXPORT